For Librarians

Why become a library? makes your library’s resources visible to information seekers on a freely available website and from search engines and websites where most people begin their research. This broad visibility promotes libraries as a vital information source and allows anyone to quickly and easily access resources in libraries around the world.

As the world’s largest library catalog website, helps users easily find items in libraries close to them. Information about library materials is actively spread across the web via strategic partnerships with search engines and key sites such as Google Books and Goodreads. The result? Your local resources gain a more global presence. If your library is already on, the best way to maintain great visibility is by keeping your holdings up to date and ensuring that links to your catalog are accurate in the WorldCat registry.

Put your library in helps people know more about libraries and their collections, connecting people who may not otherwise visit in person or via a website. It expands the communities you serve while personalizing and localizing the experience for the people you care about most.

We invite you to learn more about our web visibility program and how your library can participate.