Lists on allow you to keep track of items of interest so you can refer back to them whenever you want. You may use lists for a variety of purposes like curating your favorite items, keeping track of items you want to read, or grouping items together by research topics. Best of all, you can also share your lists with friends and colleagues! List invitations can be sent to anyone with an email address regardless of whether they maintain a account. For library staff, lists are a powerful tool to highlight items from your collections. For example, you could use lists to curate seasonal reading materials or broadcast items related to trending cultural topics. Library-curated lists are promoted to users on our home page and are a great way to showcase the unique strengths of your library’s collections. The new allows multiple library staff accounts to collaborate together on shared library-associated lists.

Hugo Award "Best Novel" Winners 1953-Present

Front cover image for The demolished man

The demolished man

Alfred Bester

Front cover image for Double star

Double star

Robert A. Heinlein

Front cover image for The big time

The big time

Fritz Leiber

Creating a list is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. From the Item Details screen, click “Add”.
  2. From the Add item to a list dialog, click “Create New” to open the Create new list dialog.
  3. From the Create new list dialog, enter the list name and description, select a privacy setting, and click “Create”.
You can create up to 50 lists, each with up to 500 library items. Additional items you try to add will not appear on the list. You can delete items to make room, move some items to another list, or start a new list. For additional information on creating and managing lists, visit our documentation page.
How do I create a list