Front cover image for Step it down : games, plays, songs, and stories from the Afro-American heritage

Step it down : games, plays, songs, and stories from the Afro-American heritage

Bessie Jones (Author), Bess Lomax Hawes (Author)
The 70 activities collected here engage young children in games that involve cooperation and sharing . Includes simple directions, notes, lyrics, music and suggestions for how to use the book. The cassette features the singing of Georgia Sea Islander Bessie Jones
Print Book, English, 1972
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Harper & Row, publishers, New York, 1972
xxi pages, 1 unnumbered page, 233 pages, 1 unnumbered page : illustrations, music ; 24 cm
9780060117832, 0060117834
Baby games and plays. Go to sleepy, little baby
This little piggy
Jump that Jody
Ride, Charley, ride
Finger games
Patty Cake
Tom, Tom, greedy-gut
Clapping plays. Green Sally, up
One-ry, Two-ry
One saw, two saw
Head and shoulder, baby
Jumps and skips. Skip to the barbershop
Just from the kitchen
Shoo, turkey
Knock Jim Crow
Elephant fair
Pizza, pizza, Mighty Moe
Singing plays. Green, green, the crab apple tree
Johnny Cuckoo
Oh green fields, Roxie
Go in and out the window
Draw me a bucket of water
Nana, thread needle
Ring plays. Little Johnny Brown
East Coast Line
Sir Mister Brown
Way down yonder, sometimes
Soup, soup
Little Sally Walker
Uncle Jessie
Way down yonder in the brickyard
Way go, Lily
Steal up, young lady
Dances. Possum-la
Ranky tank
Sandy Ree
I'm going away to see Aunt Dinah
House plays and home amusements. William, William, trembletoe
Club fist
Uncle Tom
Jack in the bush
Whose bag is my gold ring?
Wade in the green valley
Outdoor games. Miss Lucy
Horse and the buggy
Won't you let the birdie out?
Engine rubber number nine
London Bridge
All hid
Rap Jack
Songs and stories. I had an old rooster
Owl talk
Pretty pear tree
Way down on the Bingo farm
Have courage to say no
Brother Rabbit and Mister Railroad's taters
Old Bill and the rolling pin
Rabbit and the possum (ain't it hard to be a farmer)
Peep, squirrel
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