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Mindset : the new psychology of success

Reveals how established attitudes affect all aspects of one's life, explains the differences between fixed and growth mindsets, and stresses the need to be open to change in order to achieve fulfillment and success
Print Book, English, ©2006
Random House, New York, ©2006
x, 276 pages ; 25 cm
9781400062751, 9780345472328, 1400062756, 0345472322
1. The mindsets : Why do people differ? ; What does all this mean for you? The two mindsets ; A view from the two mindsets ; So, what's new? ; Self-insight: who has accurate views of their assets and limitations? ; What's in store
2. Inside the mindsets : Is success about learning, or proving you're smart? ; Mindsets change the meaning of failure ; Mindsets change the meaning of effort ; Questions and answers
3. The truth about ability and accomplishment : Mindset and school achievement ; Is artistic ability a gift? ; The danger of praise and positive labels ; Negative labels and how they work
4. Sports: the mindset of a champion : The idea of the natural ; "Character" ; What is success? ; What is failure? ; Taking charge of success ; What does it mean to be a star? ; Hearing the mindsets
5. Business: mindset and leadership : Enron and the talent mindset ; Organizations that grow ; A study of mindset and management decisions ; Leadership and the fixed mindset ; Fixed-mindset leaders in action ; Growth-mindset leaders in action ; A study of group processes ; Groupthink versus we think ; The praised generation hits the workforce ; Are negotiators born or made? ; Corporate training: are managers born or made? ; Are leaders born or made?
6. Relationships: mindsets in love (or not) : Relationships are different ; Mindsets falling in love ; The partner as enemy ; Competition: who's the greatest? ; Developing in relationships ; Friendship ; Shyness ; Bullies and victims: revenge revisited
7. Parents, teachers, and coaches: where do mindsets come from? : Parents (and teachers): messages about success and failure ; Teachers (and parents): what makes a great teacher (or parent)? ; Coaches: winning through mindset ; Our legacy
8. Changing mindsets : The nature of change ; The mindset lectures ; A mindset workshop ; Brainology ; More about change ; Taking the first step ; People who don't want to change ; Changing your child's mindset ; Mindset and willpower ; Maintaining change ; The road ahead
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