Front cover image for Primal awareness : a true story of survival, transformation, and awakening with the rarámuri shamans of mexico

Primal awareness : a true story of survival, transformation, and awakening with the rarámuri shamans of mexico

The remarkable story of one man's rediscovery of his primordial mandate and of the strange journey that took him there Explores the innate knowledge that exists within us all, a "primal awareness," that can help us to live in harmony with our world Shows how we can rediscover this unseeable realm In 1983, caught in a violent rainstorm while kayaking the Rio Urique in Mexico's Copper Canyon, Don Trent Jacobs was swept into an impassable catacomb of underwater tunnels toward what he believed was certain death. But instead of panic, Jacobs found himself filled with a strange consciousness that left him feeling at peace and invigorated with a confidence he had never before known. Moments later he was spit from the tunnel alive--not at the end of his journey, but only at its beginning. Primal Awareness tells the story of Don Trent Jacobs's remarkable vision of the human mind and heart and the compelling spiritual quest that brought him to it. Through his experiences with the Raramuri people of Mexico and his research of other indigenous societies, Jacobs identifies what he calls our "primal awareness," an innate knowledge that exists within us all. Jacobs shows how we can rediscover this primordial mandate that unites all things and that helps us to find our own inner strength an harmony
eBook, English, 1998
Inner Traditions, Rochester, Vt., 1998
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Cover Image; Title Page; Dedication; Acknowledgments; Table of Contents; Preface; Part 1: Adventures and Explorations; Chapter 1: Into the Heart; Chapter 2: Wild Spirits; Chapter 3: "He Talks to Dead People!"; Chapter 4: Augustin Ramos, a Shaman; Chapter 5: Full Circle; Part 2: The Cat-Fawn Connection; Chapter 6: A Meaningful Metaphor; Chapter 7: Concentration Activated Transformation(CAT); Consciousness All Around; A Balancing Act; Natural Powers; Hypnotic Listening; A Primal Model; Mystical Learning; Developing an Awareness; Chapter 8: Becoming Connoisseurs (Fear); Knowing Fear A Catalyst for LearningThe Transforming Power of Fear; Building Courage; Chapter 9: The Voice of Experience (Authority); Institutionalized Authority; A Different Kind of Authority; A Solar-Lunar Approach to Authority; Exercising Authority; Becoming the Authors of Our Own Lives; Chapter 10: Vibrations We Call Language (Words); The Power of Words; Static Language versus Language in Motion; Animal Talk: The Language of Sound and Silence; Telepathy: The Paranormal Experience of Language; The Rhythms, Vibrations, and Sounds of Music; Music Practice; Word Practice Chapter 11: Wilderness Wisdom (Nature)The Answers Are Blowing in the Wind; The Lure Away from Nature; Reconnecting with Nature; Epilogue; Glossary; Endnotes; Bibliography; About the Author; About Inner Traditions Bear & Company; Copyright & Permissions
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